OnboardingWare™ – New Employee Orientation & Onboarding

OrientationWareTM is an online customizable and easy to use and implement new employee orientation and onboarding process. It includes a tool-based strategy for organizations who want to make sure they are offering their new employees an effective and efficient way to start their new jobs.

OrientationWareTM is a unique technology platform designed to significantly decrease new employee “ramp up” time so they become productive contributors faster than normal. It not only increases time to competence but also prepares your managers to engage in meaningful discussions with their new employees by focusing on the key information needed to support effective job performance.

What the software does:

  • Reduces the cost of recruitment
  • Increases your new hire retention rate
  • Continues building your reputation as an employer of choice
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes for new hires to become productive
  • Maximizes the use of your online resources (i.e., linked within the technology platform)
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes your managers to orient and onboard their new employees

You receive a comprehensive orientation process that focuses more on establishing effective communication between your new employees and their managers so the new employees know they have made a good employment decision.

We provide a well thought-out, pre-planned, consistent approach that every manager can easily use with each new employee. All of the planning is done for them. It saves them time and energy getting ready for new employees. The online portal includes activities that need to be done during the first week, first two weeks, first month, and first three months. It’s easily customizable for any type of small, medium or very large organization.

The organizations where we can have the greatest impact are ones with:

  1. High recruitment costs (due to either high employee turnover or company growth, expansion, or mergers/acquisitions)
  2. Low employee morale
  3. Ineffective or non-existent orientation
  4. Highly competitive recruitment marketplace – there is a need to build onthe organization’s reputation as an employer of choice
  5. New employee time to competence challenges – it simply takes too long for employees to become productive and customer-facing

Outcomes and Results

For New Employees

  • Gives new employees the right to ask questions and receive the information they need when they need it.
  • Quickly moves employees from saying ‘I’m new here’ to feeling part of your organization.
  • Encourages new employees to take responsibility for their own orientation, by giving them the necessary process to follow and support tools and resources.
  • Helps new employees become productive more effectively and efficiently.

For Managers of New Employees

  • Provides managers with a ready-to-use and easy to implement orientation process.
  • Encourages performance building dialogue between managers and their new employees during the most critical orientation and onboarding checkpoints, at the end of the:
    • First Day/Week
    • First Two Weeks
    • First Month
    • First Three Months
  • Helps managers focus on retaining new employees.
  • Builds stronger relationships between the new employees’ managers and their new employees.

For the Organization

  • Extends the orientation process beyond the first week to ensure a comprehensive 90 day orientation process.
  • Emphasizes new employee performance and productivity, not just learning facts about the organization.
  • Reduces potential re-recruitment costs due to new employee turnover.
  • Accelerates new employee productivity and acceptance in the organization.

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