About Learnware Design

Learnware Design Inc. offers a wide variety of online and blended learning programs, tools and resources that ensure organizations, employees, Workplace Performance and Learning professionals and individuals achieve Accelerated CompetenceTM.

Learning is a skill just like any other. Demystify the learning process to reach your personal and organizational goals by contacting us today.

Discover what we have to offer:

Custom Design Services
scaffolding-png-300x300Custom Competency Architectures/Profiles Base your organization’s learning and performance development system on a customized and fully documented Competency Architecture with Competency Profiles and Learning Paths. Learn more +
question-png-75x75Training Needs Identification The first step is to identify your organization’s learning needs versus performance management issues. Learn more +
puzzles-png-75x75Learning Strategy/Design Blueprint Create (or update) your organization’s overall Learning Strategy/Plan and customize a Learning Design Blueprint. Learn more +
customdesign-75x75-pngCustom-Designed Learning Solutions Custom-design and implement competency-based learning and performance development solutions for whatever your employees need to learn. Learn more +
gears_jpeg_600x600TrainingProWare™ A comprehensive set of resources for Workplace Performance and Learning Professionals to enhance their facilitation and learning design and develop skills as well as support their achievement of the CTDP professional designation. Learn more +
employware600x600EmployWare™ Customizable and easy-to-use (online and/or paper-based) employee orientation, onboarding and continuous development programs. Learn more +
mountain600x344DesignationWare™ Online courses, tools and resources designed for your employees studying for their professional designation.  Give your professional designation candidates strategies to learn better, faster, and smarter. Learn more +

Learnware Design Inc. is a Canadian-owned consulting and custom learning design company. Since 1982 we have had the privilege of working with many of the world’s greatest companies and organizations.  We have expertise in well researched, custom-designed and expertly executed learning design.

We partner with you to determine your organization’s human performance learning needs and then custom-design and implement learning solutions that support the achievement of your organization’s vision, goals, and objectives.

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