Custom Design Services


We partner with you to determine your organization’s human performance needs and then custom-design and implement learning solutions that support the achievement of your organization’s vision, goals and objectives.

Custom Competency Architectures/Profiles

scaffolding-png-300x300 How would you describe your best performers? What knowledge, skills, and abilities do they bring to their jobs that make the difference between okay performance and great performance? Learn more +

Learning Needs Identification

question-png-75x75 When your organization’s learning needs are not clearly known, we help you identify the most appropriate and beneficial ways to identify those learning needs so you are spending your learning design and development dollars on building valuable workforce knowledge and skills. Learn more +

Learning Strategy & Design Blueprint

puzzles-png-75x75 It takes strategic thinking and planning to figure out how to improve your organization’s human capital. We have the expertise to design and document a comprehensive Learning Strategy and Learning Design Blueprint to continuously improve your organization’s greatest asset — your people. Learn more +

Custom-Designed Learning Solutions

customdesign-75x75-pngAll custom-designed learning solutions, no matter the delivery method or media, follow specific learning design best practices and strategies to meet your learners’ needs. At Learnware Design we follow the Brilliant Brainloading™ Process Process (a proprietary learning acceleration process)™. It’s a proven method for designing highly effective learning. Learn more +

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