Learning Needs Identification – Learnware Solutions


Learning Needs Analysis / Assessment

We make sure that the learning needs analysis process is relevant, realistic and actionable.  We custom-design, develop and analyze the results of:

  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires

We then prepare a report that identifies the learning needs and recommended learnware solutions.  Sometimes a learning intervention is not the solution. Instead, environmental or performance management issues may need to be addressed.

Case Study – Nesbitt Burns

Challenge: Nesbitt Burns, a large investment firm, wanted to increase the effectiveness of their Sales Assistants who support the sales efforts of Investment Advisors (Brokers). They wanted to identify the specific knowledge and skills needed by Sales Assistants that would complement and support the sales role of the Investment Advisors.


  • Interviewed and observed the daily job performance of the Sales Assistants.
  • Documented the Sales Assistant Tasks Overview and Learning Blueprint which identified the specific knowledge, skills and abilities required of Sales Assistants to support Investment Advisors.
  • Designed a Sales Assistant Learning Strategy to meet their learning needs.

Value-Added Outcomes: Identified ineffective processes and procedures (non-training issues) which hindered client sales and service.

Results: The client was able to address the specific knowledge and skills needed by the Sales Assistant to increase sales and sales support. They also addressed the ineffective processes and procedures that negatively impacted client sales and service.

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