Custom Designed Learnware Solutions

All ocustomdesign-600x600-jpegf our custom-designed training (Learnware Solutions) follows Learnware Design’s 6Cs Learning Maximizer Process. We’ve mastered state-of-the-art learning design methodologies so your custom-designed training solutions result in learning retention and improved employee performance.

Facilitated Learning – Classroom-based and Virtual

Do you have an upcoming learning requirement and need a fully custom-designed training program? Will it be classroom-based (synchronous) or a virtual classroom (synchronous or asynchronous)? Whatever your need, we can custom-design the facilitation and participant materials, tools and resources
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Online Modules (e-Learning)

Do you want to offer e-learning modules on your LMS to meet your employees’ learning needs? Do you need to repurpose your existing classroom-based and/or paper-based programs as online learning?
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Blended Learning

Learning is a process, not an event. So, a blended learning strategy may work better to meet your organization’s needs. Let us help you develop an integrated approach to your blended learning content and process.
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