Online Modules

Whatever your online learning needs we can custom design and develop the required learnware solutions (learning media and methods).

We can design the storyboards for your internal online module development team to program or we can write and produce the online modules using any of the popular authoring systems, i.e., Articulate, Captivate, etc., so they are ready to launch on your Learning Management System (LMS).

Online Learning Map

The Learning Map is an easy-to-use, intuitive, customized learning strategy that clearly identifies the recommended learning sequence and the navigation path the learners should take to access the information and complete the program.

Online Module Storyboards

We custom design and develop the storyboards for each module based on the approved Learning Map (program structure) and screen template.

Online Modules

The layout, navigation, and interactivity of the screen content is designed to motivate the learners, deliver information in creative ways, and provide options for practice and review.  The modules also contain active links to additional tools and resources to support effective job performance. We typically design an Introduction module to explain the purpose and value of the program, the program requirements, and how to complete the program.

Online Module Design – Principles and Practices

Our online modules follow/comply with these Learnware Design standards:

  • Adult Learning Principles — The learning process and materials will be designed to ensure that sound adult learning principles are followed to support efficient and effective knowledge and skill acquisition, retention, and on-the-job transfer.
  • Self-Directed Learning Design — The materials will engage the learners by being exploratory and promote self-learning in a meaningful way.  The modules will also offer flexible delivery and application of the material.  All presentation formats will be user friendly, dynamic, and positive.  The learning design will also contain graphics to support high-value interactive learning.
  • Module Format — The learning process will be designed in a modular format as well as presented in a multi-layer sequence so that it is easy for the learners to follow and complete, not only the first time but also for future use.   The modular format will also make it easier to deliver and update the learning process and materials. Each module will contain visual effects and interactive elements to improve learner understanding and retention.
  • Interface and Graphic Design — The interface will be clean, professional, and exciting. The navigation will be simple and intuitive, allowing the learners to navigate freely and easily. The graphics and pictures will be bold and informative. On-screen text will be designed using Information Mapping strategies.
  • Materials and Media Production and Delivery — All materials will be written in plain language format.  Electronic and/or printed copies of the various drafts will be provided for review and approval.

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