Learning Strategy/Plan

Learning Strategy / Plan

To maximize the impact of learning initiatives they should be incorporated into an overall learning strategy or system. Since learning is an on-going, never ending process thought should be given to how the various in-person workshops, modules, coaching sessions, online strategies, etc., build on each other and support both individual and corporate goals and objectives.

We will work with you to align your existing learning iniatiatives with new and future initiatives so there is an overall context and plan for the learning processs.

  • Learning Strategy Design and Documentation
  • Learning System Design
  • e-learning Design Strategy

Case Study – Bank of Montreal

Challenge: When Bank of Montreal launched a new computer system, hundreds of newly hired team members needed to quickly learn their jobs, including the use of various computer systems and applications, inbound and outbound telephone skills, high level customer service skills, and knowledge about hundreds of Bank products and services.


  • We worked with a team of subject matter experts to identify and sequence the required knowledge and skills into a comprehensive Learning Strategy
  • We compiled all of the existing, relevant learning materials and resources and redesigned/designed new learning resources to support each component of the Learning Strategy
  • We designed, documented and implemented a comprehensive ten-week Learning System for newly hired team members which included the completion of self-study modules, classroom-based learning, on-the-job observation/coaching and computer-based evaluation

Value-Added Outcomes: All of the learning objectives for each component of the learning strategy were well documented and supported by modular, flexible learning methods and media.

Results: The client was able to quickly train hundreds of new hires to support accelerating business growth, using a team of training facilitators who were following a consistent, well documented, and effective training process.

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