Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – The Neuroscience of Learning


The Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp  is based on the neuroscience of learning.  It is specifically designed to support anyone who needs to learn better, faster and smarter.

Who It’s For:

  • new employees participating in job-specific training to build job readiness competencies
  • existing employees going through a training program with exams
  • certification or accreditation candidates
  • licensing candidates


  • Learn how to study materials and resources so the key content is not only understood but retained.
  • Gain personal learning insurance and assurance for the time, effort and financial investment in learning.
  • Use proven learning skills, strategies and steps to gain control over the learning process.
  • Build personal repertoire of ‘learning how to learn’ skills and strategies for a lifetime.

The online modules guide you through the proven Brilliant Brainloading™ Process to achieve learning success. You will learn specific Brilliant Brainloading™ Skills, Strategies and Steps (actions) to build your learning intelligence.  You will learn how to learn while learning what you need to learn.

What’s included:

    Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp
    • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – Overview
    • A.  CONTEXT – Big Picture Framing
    • B.  CONNECTION – Link It Up
    • C.  CONCEPTS – Defining Moments
    • D. CONSTRUCT – Info Architect
    • E.  CONDUCT – Use It or Lose It
    • F.  CONSOLIDATE – The Power of ‘Re’
    • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – Next Steps


    • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp Tools
      • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – PROCESS
      • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – QUICK VIEW
      • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – ACTIONIZER
      • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – ACTIONIZER WORKSHEET
      • Go to to sign-up for instant access to the online modules and materials.


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