Your employees are your organization’s greatest asset. You already know how important it is orient new employees to your organization so they become competent and contributing members of your team. It is a major competitive advantage! As an employer you also know the value of providing professional development resources and opportunities to support your employees in the achievement of business objectives and their personal career goals. You want to make sure they are developing competencies that are valued within your organization and industry. Effective orientation, onboarding and continuous employee development are the three keys to employee retention and productivity.

Orientationware– New Employee Orientation and Onboarding

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort recruiting the best employees. Start them off well with a customized orientation and onboarding program that accelerates their time to competence. Learn more +

Development Selector™ – Learning Options and Opportunities

With limited training budgets and time constraints, how do you develop your employees? Why not give your employees a better way to identify and select no cost and low cost learning options and opportunities to include in their development plans. Learn more +

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