Talent Development Selector™

Many employees and their managers think of development only in terms of formal training programs.  For some learning needs, and for some individuals, this may still be the best way.  However, there are many other ways employees can learn on their own and with help from others

There are six main learning and development categories included in the Talent Development Selector™. Employees explore each category and select specific learning and development activities to support their on-going development.


  1. On-the-Job Training
  2. Online Self-Study
  3. Classroom-Based
  4. Reading / Audio
  5. Special Projects
  6. Other People

Employees learn best when their yearly personal developmental plan includes a variety of learning experiences, many of them self-directed and at no or low cost.

The site includes:

  • Talent Development Selector Checklists™ that provide a wide variety of ideas, activities, and learning options your employees can explore and then choose specific learning options and opportunities.
  • Talent Development Selector Plan™ that provides a place to document the specific learning and development actions your employees will take before their next performance appraisal and/or review.

In dynamic organizations, individual professional growth and development are an essential part of employee and organizational success.  Employees must continually assess and enhance their skills and effectiveness.

By gaining new knowledge and skills they not only increase their contribution and employability in the short run, but also become more adaptable and flexible in the face of future challenges.

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