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Learning Competency Architecture – 6Cs Learning Maximizer Process

LCA Discover the proven method for taking in and processing new knowledge and skills so you (and your learners) can more easily gain, retain, recall and reuse new information.What would be the impact, both personally and professionally, if your and your learners became not just a good learner but great learners?  What if you designed your training programs so they followed the natural learning process used by all learners?The Learning Competency Architecture™ includes the 6Cs Learning Maximizer Process™, a proven method for taking in and processing new knowledge and skills so your learners can more easily gain, retain, recall and reuse what they need to learn.Each of the 6Cs represents one of the six phases of the learning process as well as the six core learning competencies. Without consciously knowing it, you and your learners are already following some of these 6Cs. The purpose of this book is to make you consciously aware of how each of the 6Cs needs to happen for you and your learners to truly learn.

What’s included:

  • 6 Core Learning Competencies – Discover the 6Cs
  • 20 Learning Maximizer Skills – Learning skills to learn anything, anywhere, anytime
  • 300 Learning Maximizer Strategies – Learning strategies to maximize your learners’ learning retention and recall

Cost: $49.95 + tax

Facilitation Skills and Strategies Guide – Classroom-Based and Synchronous Web-Based

Facilitation Skills and Strategies There are ten facilitation strategies every facilitator should use when facilitating training, either classroom-based or synchronous web-based (virtual).  Each facilitation skill is described in detail, listing the behaviours facilitators need to demonstrate to be effective.

  • Facilitation Skills Observation Checklist: A Facilitation Skills Observation Checklist (Resource 1) is included at the end of the guide to assess how well these facilitation skills are being demonstrated.
  • Six Categories of Facilitation Strategies: Facilitators also follow specific strategies to enhance the human interaction, information processing, and use and application of key knowledge and skills.  There are six facilitation strategy categories. The facilitation strategies within each category are described, including outlines for how to facilitate each one.

Cost: $20.95 + tax

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